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PIEmail, a mail reader was the only PIE Tool developed as part of this research but Hyperbole has greatly expanded since then and has long been a production quality toolset.

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Around the year A. If you have Hyperbole 5.

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This is very, very useful. Documentation Browsing Embedding cross-references in a favorite documentation format.

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So for example, you could create your own button type of Wikipedia searches that jumped to the named Wikipedia page whenever point was within text of the form [wp ]. Hyperbole provides a really useful set of power tools. What is the definition of hyperbole?


Hyperbole recognizes implicit buttons by contextual patterns given in their type specifications. Hyperbole also possesses a lot of potential in supporting a wider spectrum of structuredness, ranging from unstructured to highly structured environments, as well as structural changes over time. But running a business is not like getting on a flight to Washington, taking the train to London, or driving to the supermarket. Unclear directions make them turn around and click away. Other than that, I keep a global button file with 30 or so explicit buttons that do various little things, and I index saved mail messages by putting explicit link-to-mail buttons in an outline file. Hyperbole Definition What is hyperbole? Then skip the text below and move on to the next section, Invocation and Documentation. Hyperbole Uses Typical Hyperbole uses include: Personal Information Management Overlapping link paths provide a variety of views into an information space. Examples of Hyperbole in Literature Hyperbole in literature is used for emphasis or effect. Buttons may be added to documents explicit buttons with a simple drag between windows, no markup language needed. An eclectic mix of art and photographs on the wall. To move forward in business, we have to embrace uncertainty.
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