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In addition to selling paper products, Haas also makes rubber stamps in-house with witty sayings and themes.

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Really great stationery is also a guilty pleasure of mine. Be specific! Dave and I scoured her art room -- every drawer, closet and book -- to find a letter she had written but perhaps failed to send. To read, one must sit down and pay attention for a few moments, eschewing the technological world for this corner of the archaic. Animals and plants can do many beautiful things, but they will never be able to write to another member of their species. Typed words can be powerful by themselves, but they lack the spiritual significance of handwritten tomes. Americans buy about 6. Thanks for watching! How long has it been since you last wrote a handwritten letter to someone you love?

Imagine the person you write walking to their mailbox, opening it and finding a letter inscribed to them from you. They met through a classified ad in a teen magazine.

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The moderator acted quickly and put together a list. When you write, it feels nearly confessional. By Wesley Baines wesley baines Shutterstock.

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I try to write Noah and Paris letters at least twice a year and while they may not understand their power now, I'm keeping them in a box so they have them to re-read when they grow up. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to share my gratitude and to be specific in how they changed my life.

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Bev Barnes, who opened her home to me as a teenager and let me live there for over a year. Who to Write to When I sent my first letter to a pen pal, it was only because I had a chance encounter online.

How to write a letter

The twenty days between can feel like a lifetime, but the elation of a handwritten reply cannot be understated. The easiest way to write a love letter is to describe your feelings about a moment in the past—your first date, your first kiss—or your hopes for the future. Letters A letter takes ten days to go from New Jersey to Portugal. Be specific! The crisp sounds of the unfolding, the slight indentations where you pressed a bit harder with the pen, and the smell of paper all contribute to not just a message, but an experience. We look at the return address, and our heart beats faster. I think this week I will write a handwritten note of congratulations to a student who was recently accepted into Michigan State University. Haas, 33, owns Paper Pastries and had gotten the idea for the club while hosting a similar gathering at a gift shop where she worked. It is therapeutic that way. Thank You for the Meeting If you're a bride-to-be or an expectant mother, handwritten thank-you notes are probably on your mind.
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The Value of the Handwritten Letter