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In this post, I'm not only going to show you how to write an amazing treatment that will aid in the development process, but how that treatment process can also be super useful to you when you sit down to write the screenplay itself. In theory, the best case scenario, a treatment can allow you to 'skip a draft' and fix story problems without having to execute them in detailed screenplay form. It's all about reassurance. Outlines vary in size, shape, and form — depending upon the writer, as well as the needs of the possible producers, directors, and managers that they are working with during the developmental phase leading up to the actual writing of the script. Some producers will let you have your first draft and then work with you on the second once that first is handed in. Breaking the movement of a story into three parts, gives us a 3- part or act structure. Act 3 in one to three paragraphs. Martin's early treatment for Game of Thrones in free screenwriting software right here: Click to read George R. Write a synopsis The third step is to a synopsis. You want the experience of reading this to be similar to that of watching the movie. Keep in mind that a scriptment is not a screenplay. What brings these characters together and then breaks them apart? Maybe that means outlining characters, spending time on paragraphs describing the world, or even just giving a state of the union on why you NEED to write this movie.

Smith over at Creative Screenwriting Magazine. Treatments can be much longer than that too.

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But as a general guide, you can employ the following items while writing a treatment depending on who you intend to send it to : Title Sections for logline, concept and theme if needed Summaries of all three acts, with pithy descriptions of the plot points, locations and characters.

You want the experience of reading this to be similar to that of watching the movie.

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The idea is to show your movie to a reader, or organize it for yourself. Outlines, treatments, and scriptments are tools that the film and television industries have used for decades — with varying degrees of necessity and demand. Also, as we said it's a great place to explore your idea and get people excited.

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Where a synopsis would generally cover the broad strokes of the story within three paragraphs and one page, treatments cover every detail of story and character so that those reading it will be able to get an idea of what movie they are considering to make.

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How to Write a Film Treatment Like the Pros [with FREE Template]