Write a jingle ks2 science

Give the students the rest of class to compose their jingle. However, each member will be expected to contribute to the final product to the best of their ability.

The Journal of Consumer Research, 17 2 Understanding jingles and needledrop: a rhetorical approach to music in advertising. The team with the best commercial should win a small prize. Scott, L.

jingles and slogans activities for advertisement lesson

Explain that the music at this site has been provided, because the composer has written these with educational usage in mind.

Using this rubric, the instructor will also evaluate the student response sheet for identification of advertising jingle elements as well as the recording of their original jingle.

jingle activity

Day 2 1. The groups should have around 20 minutes to make a new name, slogan and jingle for the three items. This will be reflected on their jingle rubric see last page of this document.

Show students examples of commercials. Part two will give definitions P-W.

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Sound: Song for Teaching about Sound