Work on writing anchor chart

Then encourage students to put the transition words into practice.

anchor chart template

They provide great visuals for kids— what a great tool for visual learners! For example, if you are teaching a lesson on decoding strategies, your chart might include bullet points with different strategies children can try when stuck on a word: make the first sound, sound it out, look at the pictures, etc.

You can also integrate this idea into other curricular areas easily. Encourage students to try other ways to have their characters respond. No chart is set in stone! Hopefully they help you develop strong writers in your classroom.

Writing Onomatopoeia Stories — Use the novel element of sounds to spark creativity in your writers. Dig Deeper Source: Mrs. Keep this chart relevant by updating the examples with student work throughout the year.

Successful notes get posted on the chart, which can be added to all day. Writing Prompts Source: theorganizedclassroomblog. Writing Topics Sometimes kiddos have a hard time picking a topic to write or draw.

Types of anchor charts

Source: teachingmyfriends. Source: teachingwithtlc. Source: kcrewkidsrock. Then, I explain what an idiom is and invite kids to keep their ears and eyes open for them as I do a read-aloud. I have Writing Workshop and Reading Workshop folders with mini-anchor charts. Source: twocandoit. Creating Power Sentences — Scale up the word choice in your students writing with examples of overused words or mood words to help evoke emotions. Use this anchor chart to remind your students that they have lots of good writing options. We love hearing from teachers, teacher-bloggers and from you! Use Clip Art— I like to print clip art to enhance my charts. Keep this chart relevant by updating the examples with student work throughout the year.
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10 Helpful Writing Prompt Ideas and Anchor Charts