Why im proud to be an

Why im proud to be an american essay

Then he gets up again, again and again. Person holding american flag. We are never satisfied. No one country or government is perfect. Often I feel as though we aren't appreciative enough to the daily freedoms we take for granted in this great country. We are not perfect, But we still have our rights. We are all humans and we all love America. The beaches left a lasting impression on me. I can go to church on Sunday and worship God in the open. That detail reminded me that these were real people who died to protect the world we live in today.

At that moment tears streamed down my face as we all clapped for them. At around noon, when the National Anthem began playing, everyone stood to face the flag, took off their hats, and sang aloud.

We are all humans and we all love America. My Dad said that my grandfather rarely talked about it.

Why im proud to be an

Together we stand. I am proud to be American because despite it all, the American Dream is still real. Can you imagine jumping from a ship with guns firing at you, while wearing 85 pounds of gear? My America is imperfect in terms of its government, social structure, economy, infrastructure, race relations, policing, mass transportation, and a hundred other things. Free speech If you don't like reading what I have to say in this article, great. America is quite young compared to other countries. Our national thirst for self-criticism, unslaked from our earliest days, keeps making us better and better and better. The kids all sat at various card tables in the next room. They have helped mold America into the great nation it is today and have improved our way of living so much so that we are able to live in a great, but not always friendly melting pot. The house, the white picket fence, the 2 kids and whatever else you are willing to work for. We can vote for elected officials - yay democracy! The sparkling wine may kiss the glass. I think America will always be the most beautiful country in the world, no matter how difficult times can be living in it. Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice to salute our great American nation. Gran scurried around in the kitchen, melting a stick of butter, adding a dash of this or that to steaming pots on the stove, always with a bit of flour on her face.

I can read my Bible, and tell anyone and everyone about my favorite book and not worry. Some have paid the ultimate sacrifice to salute our great American nation. As a first world nation, we are constantly competing with other countries to be the most intelligent.

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I can go to church on Sunday and worship God in the open. I can go to school and gather around the flagpole and pray in the study hall and not worry about getting kicked out of school, or being arrested.

I can share my beliefs with my friends and I don't have to worry about being taken to jail for this.

We simply want the best for ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and those with little or nothing.

10 reasons to be proud of america

I am proud of the leader of my country for not giving up until the last bell tolls.

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Why I'm Proud to Be An American