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project risk and procurement management assignment

It will be the challenging task for the marketing team as they have to closely monitor the performance of the agency and also laisonning with the agency on daily basis. We sometimes ask students to skip order form and recommend email id for faster assistance.

Risk management process

The solicitation will happen from the marketing department as well to the travel organisations such as Expedia. This data collected helped in forecasting the budget as well as how to carry out the marketing plan. The cost of marketing is quite high. We cover a wide range of subjects, such as, Marketing, Computer Programming, Engineering projects, Databases, Law, Programming and many more. Health and safety training in waste management and recycling, 21, 1— For example, to secure the company against the price fluctuation in the currency, the company will go for hedging. Participate in industry policy making activities Improve the service deliverables and the quality of service.

The higher the probability of the risk higher is the riskiness involved in the Project. The monitoring can be done by the regular audits done on room night sold and the business reports of the business through corporate houses.

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This is possible only when the planning is done for the same. In order to be in competition with other hotels, the marketing team has done the risk analysis of the hotel. This plan is less cost and time effective but the quality of the work might not be as good as it should be but risk associated with motivation can decrease as well Plane 2: If training could not produce minimum of their objectives. Therefore the factors involved are: Strengths: the strengths of the marketing plan are: The communication of brand values to the customers and the corporate through print media. Reaching out to online websites is easy for the first time, but once you place an order their reponse starts getting slow. Below is the table that will show the cost that will be incurred by the website marketing of the hotel. Past experiences, industries knowledge, case studies, benchmarks are the determinant factors of the mitigation plan Ahmed,. It deals with the concepts that revolve around maximising profits by minimising the effect if external as well as internal risk factors. Apart from this the rate for proposals RFP will be sent to existing and potential companies which give the hotel the room business. So the supplier with greatest enthusiasm, efficiency, work commitment, potential, cost effective bid should be given the final bid and contract.

In the similar way, PR agency also requires to sign the contract with the hotel for the services rendered to the hotel. This will help in identifying the effectiveness of the marketing plan.

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They are eminent for their personal services and the excellent business services to their clients. Economical factors: the marketing plan needs to be financially strong, as it will cost to do the awareness programmes. One of the legal issues is the ownership rights; here the owner that is the supplier is given the right to make some changes in the end product and also to own the product, however, all the main usage rights is with the hotel.

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So, hotel managers can deploy more funds in web marketing and use other methods to support the marketing strategies.

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