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This is exemplified by femme fatale roles. Directed by Curtis Hanson. Mulvey believes that the only way for a man to escape his fear of being castrated or objectified by the woman is through the sexual fetishisation of her; the glamorous, dangerous, unobtainable woman. Yet this attraction, this power found in attraction was perceived through the spectator being aligned, identifying, inhabiting, the male protagonist; feeding on his desires, his lust and the voyeurism we spectate through his eventual fulfilment. When a despondent Natsumi blames Yuri for her situation, Yuri watches the tape, hoping that this will pass the curse on to her and Natsumi will be spared. USA: Parklane Pictures. Sexual Politics. France: Paradise Films. Yet, the film is a constant cat and mouse for Curran; obsessed by his need to possess Tramell. There has to be a story. Feminism and Film Theory. The representation of their sexual encounters is central here and relevant to their construction as femme fatales. This last resort does not work either: both Sadako and Kayako's curses have combined, and become a single entity — Sadakaya. USA: Selznick Studio.

USA: Parklane Pictures. Gatens, M.

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September, vol. The Usual Suspects Directed by Bryan Singer. Feminism and Film. Desire Double Indemnity In order to acquire accurate femininity, women will have to do away with that active aspect of their early sexuality. This 5 re-telling of history embellishes the demonization of women as power hungry, jealous and grudge filled. Goodfellas USA: Universal Pictures. Harvey, Sylvia. Directed by Harold Becker. USA: Columbia Pictures.

Feminist theorists have cruxed their ideals on the belief that all literary discourse is often the outcome of males projecting their own fears and insecurities onto women; gender scripting them to being the less credible, passive sex.

Directed by Robert Aldrich. Its angle of subversion into a more universal gaze is seen as the male police officers are scared and befuddled, whereas Tramell is in full control.

Directed by Robert Siodmak.

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The Sound of Fury Inglourious Basterds Some of us have ventured out nevertheless and so far we have not fallen off. The strength and power that the classic femme fatale embodied was that of the tremendously attractive — the visual pleasure that spectators could consume.

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