The morality and practicality of euthanasia

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The data clearly demonstrate that the option of physician-assisted dying has not been unwillingly forced upon those who are poor, uneducated, uninsured or otherwise disadvantaged. Suicide not Heroic Is suicide heroic or cowardly? But we are not inquiring whether it has been done, but whether it ought to have been done. Hunter graphically describes how he applied the doctrine of double effect with the mercy killing of an AIDS patient. But, as Hume argues, this only shows that in some situations the motivation to die is so powerful that it overcomes the natural fear of death. It is not good to defend either virtue or vice by splitting hairs. Questions for Analysis 1. Suicide and Duties to Others A man, who retires from life, does no harm to society: He only ceases to do good; which, if it is an injury, is of the lowest kind. Moreover it is most dangerous since no time is left wherein to expiate it by repentance. A house which falls by its own weight is not brought to ruin by his providence more than one destroyed by the hands of men; nor are the human faculties less his workmanship, than the laws of motion and gravitation. The general assumption is that actively killing someone is morally worse than passively letting someone die, and this is reflected in the amount of guilt that we might feel in each case: we would feel worse by actively killing someone rather than just allowing someone to die. But instances of suicide of great heroism exist.

Three Arguments against Suicide It is altogether unlawful to kill oneself, for three reasons. And regardless of what it says about changing it…well, it's a document constructed by humans, and humans make mistakes.

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In the first place we have the specious view that suicide can be allowed and tolerated. A merciful end: The euthanasia movement in modern America. Human beings cannot be deprived of the substance of their rights, not in any circumstances, not even at their own request—the principle of inalienability.

The justification for this rule is hard to find - many people think it's just an obvious truth philosophers call such truths self-evident. For example, in Roman history, Cato was a symbol of resistance against Caesar, found he could no longer resist Caesar; to continue living a compromised life would disillusion advocates of freedom.

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Desire for death in cancer patients - an Indian Study. Finally, concerning whether suicide violates a duty to oneself, Hume argues that many suicides have been done for good personal reasons since it requires such a strong motivation to overcome our natural fear of death. Our normal human activity involves imposing our own mental purposes on the physical world, such as when we decide to alter the flow of a river for irrigation. That is, does God have ownership of our lives and command what we do, or did God hand over authority of our lives and actions to us? We begin this section by considering the arguments of several classic moral philosophers on this topic. Because of this inclination, whatever is a means of preserving human life, and of warding off its obstacles, belongs to the natural law [Summa Theologica, 2. How similar can situations be? Now sciences had advanced to the extent, life can be prolonged but not to that extent of bringing back the dead one. The word euthanasia, originated in Greece means a good death 1. If a recovery is possible, he argues, all means to that end should be exhausted. To observe morality is far more important.

None of these examples perfectly parallel the cases of passive and active euthanasia, but they show that our moral judgments often differ based on the degree of direct involvement that we exercise in a situation.

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Euthanasia: Right to life vs right to die