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Unusually -- and pleasingly -- for a reef on the tourist circuit, only observational surface snorkeling is allowed, although diving is prohibited. The purpose of the Portuguese, however, was largely commercial rather than politically imperial, and, when their power dwindled in the course of the 17th century, they left few marks of their stay. It's also much quieter, with far fewer tourists and only a handful of hotels. Mafia Diving is an exceptional little operation within walking distance of Pole Pole that won't just accommodate your underwater adventures such as swimming with whale sharks and reef diving. Swimming Pool A swimming pool, hidden under shady trees is olcated in the center of The Island. For the remainder of their rule, the Portuguese appointed European governors. Pole Pole Taking its name from the Arabic word "morfiyeh," which means "group of islands," Mafia is the third biggest of the isles that dot the Tanzanian coast. The island and its surrounding waters were proclaimed as Chumbe Island Coral Park, the first privately established, privately managed marine protected area in the world, in These two groups represent the earliest arrivals in Zanzibar.

You'll be secluded from the world as it comes with more than a kilometer of sea buffer. Drinking culture is not just for rooftops and beach bars.

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However, the underwater experiences off Mafia Island are world class. Transit to Zanzibar happens by plane or boat, most likely departing from Dar Es Salaam.

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They use a highly developed sense of smell to source food, including coconuts, which they pluck from trees and crack open with their claws like giant nutcrackers.

Thanda offers some of the most sumptuous island living you'll find -- a sprawling luxurious beach house, more Martha's Vineyard than tropic exotic.

Thanda Island Thanda, also known by its original name Shungu Mbili is, together with the similarly uninhabited islands of Nyororo and Mbarakuni, cupped between Mafia and Tanzania and situated within its own marine park.

The island of zanzibar

Every details are aimed to put our Guests in contact with the nature that surrounds them, to protect their privacy and the harmony of the place. This system lasted until , when the Sultan of Mombasa massacred the Portuguese inhabitants. As for eateries, The Taperia is a cool verandah tapas bar above the old Post Office , The Tea House at Emerson Spice is a glorious rooftop restaurant with views at minaret height across Stone Town towards the sea. A street scene in Stone Town Produce vendors at a market The census is the most recent census for which results have been reported. Over 20, people were killed and refugees, especially Arabs and Indians, escaped the island as a consequence of the revolution. The island holds dozens of hotels that cater to every penchant and pocket. Misali, a marine conservation area just eight kilometers off Pemba's west coast, provides some of the best diving in East Africa, as well as a turtle nesting sanctuary. Other places that come recommended include Butiama Beach Hotel on the west coast. According to John Middleton and Mark Horton, the architectural style of these stone houses have no Arab or Persian elements, and should be viewed as an entirely indigenous development of local vernacular architecture. Each and every one of our meals are freshly made and are prepared with the purpose of blending the local flavours and the demanding expectations of gourmet cuisine. It is 53 miles 85 km at its greatest length and 24 miles 39 km broad. The island's flamboyant capital is imbued with cultural piquancy and chock full of glorious old buildings, testament to its colorful history. Guests then board a boat for the last 20 minutes of the transfer. British Prime Minister Salisbury explained his position: The condition of a protected dependency is more acceptable to the half civilised races, and more suitable for them than direct dominion.

The Portuguese then came in the 16th century and conquered all the seaports on the eastern African coast, including Mombasathe richest and most powerful, as well as such islands as Zanzibar and parts of the Arabian coast, including the Omani capital of Muscat.

Possibly constructed by locals, it was composed mainly of perishable materials.

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The major wild animals include leopard a variety peculiar to Zanzibarcivet cat, mongoosetwo species of monkeylemurthe African pigforest duikerpigmy antelopeabout 20 species of batsand 30 forms of snakes.

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14 Things to Know Before You Go to Zanzibar