The adverse effects of junk food

10 harmful effects of junk food

Obesity can cause many medical issues like diabetes, joint-pain and heart diseases. Include your teen in the cooking process. Mansi Jain Sep 11, pm Though junk food is a treat to the taste buds, yet they have immense side effects. Not all fast food is bad, and a person can make an informed choice by doing research to find out the nutritional content of particular fast food items. Impacts The Nervous System: The nervous system is also at risk when eating too much junk food. Regular intake of junk food can significantly increase blood pressure levels of your teenager. This can increase your blood sugar levels and poor insulin production. Unfortunately though, junk food prices make them more affordable than healthful ones. A small study in the Journal of Hypertension found that consuming high levels of salt could have an immediate impact on the proper functioning of a person's blood vessels. Targeting saturated fat consumption, Denmark introduced the world's first fat-food tax in October, , by imposing a surcharge on all foods, including those made from natural ingredients, that contain more than 2. Food manufacturers spend billions of dollars on research and development to create flavor profiles that trigger the human affinity for sugar, salt, and fat. In humans, these withdrawal symptoms can lead to the inability to deal with stress, make you feel depressed and eventually you would turn back to those foods to comfort yourself and handle these feelings. From burgers to fries, candies to colas and chips to oily masalas, Junk food takes many forms.

Without fiber, once they break down, you have too much glucose going into your blood. Junk food is deprived of nutrition, which when fed to young kids can impact their central nervous system. This can restrict our ability to think, recall or create memories, thus increasing the risk of dementia.

disadvantages of junk food

Read on to understand the negative effects of junk food on your health. A study in the journal Thorax establishes a link between fast food consumption in teenagers and children and an increase in asthmarhinoconjunctivitis, and eczema.

Loaded with sodium, sugars and fats, Junk food is your gateway to hell!

effects of junk food on childrens health

The digestive system works well to burn down a good amount of carbohydrates to keep your blood sugar in check and also helps to keep your body healthy. Leads to depression: Junk food is high in fats and thus increases the calorie intake as well. Regular consumption of junk food also slows down the process of brain functioning.

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But diets high in sodium can lead to water retention , which is why you may feel puffy, bloated , or swollen after eating fast food. Splitting Headaches: Headaches are a minor factor when compared to all the other effects of junk food but at the end of the day, no problem is too small. It can cause chemical changes that can lead to depression A lot of studies have shown that eating foods high in sugar and fat actually changes the chemical activity of the brain making it more dependent on such foods. Jacobson of the Center for Science in the Public Interest , in When you use food to treat your feelings rather than simply enjoy a special treat as a one-off, it can be a hard habit to break. Obesity can cause many medical issues like diabetes, joint-pain and heart diseases. It raises your blood pressure and adds more stress to your heart, not to mention your whole cardiovascular system. This means sodium estimates were off by more than 1, mg. If you want to live a longer, fuller, and healthier life, swap out that junk for whole foods and see how much better you look and feel! These types of fats monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fat are found in things like avocados, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish. Makes Skin Dull and Lifeless: It is also well known that junk food affects the skin as well.
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5 Serious Side Effects Of Junk Food On Teenagers