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Originally discovered by Christopher Columbus in in search for a trade route to Cathay ChinaNorth America remained uninhabited, excluding the Native American establishments.

Roman history

Factors that contributed to the ascendancy of the Roman Empire include all of the Christian emperors that came after Constantine and the controversies that involved the different kinds of Christianity that should be followed in the empire. Constantius Chlorus set and invasion of Britannia into motion as a way to expand his, as well as the empire 's territory. The first three floors had arched entrances, while the fourth floor had rectangular doorways After nearly half millennium of rule, the roman finally lost their grip on Europe in the 5th century The History of the Decline and fall of the Roman Empire, Gibbon. Rome and Carthage shared some traits, which I discuss in the following paragraphs. How did Rome Become and Empire? So this concept of Romanization was a surprising development His design of Il Gesu meant that Jesuit missionaries carried copies of his design all over the world. In any case, Ammianus Marcellinus, Salvian, and Theodosius all identify a multitude of factors that dissolved the Roman Empire. Soon the Roman Empire would be ravaged by disease and poverty. Also Roman auxiliary soldiers never served in the province where they were from so the soldiers in a province would be unlikely to have sympathy feel badly for the locals. The moon swelled above them, clear, bright, and beckoning. Rome supposedly got their name from Roma, named after Romulus in the fable, with strong influences from Greece who colonized Italy and still held Sicily at this time

One of the most noticeable characteristics of Roman society and culture is the impact of the Greeks The main structure of this institution survived and it could be argued that it took over aspects of the institution that was the Roman Empire The Roman Empire was known for their wealth, which was gained from conquest, their citizens, who lived in luxury, and their military, which was extensive and well trained.

Romans feared for their life and tried to raise a family on the little bit of money left over after being taxed.

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Rome once ruled the majority of the known western world, yet it was unable to hold that title. He plowed his way throughout modern day France and Italy, crushing his opponents sometimes quite literally under his army. Even today, Roman law and foundation of government forms the basis of several modern democracies. And this is primarily because it continues to awe people via it 's architecture, military, art, philosophy, and technology. The Emperor at the time was Vaspacian. To others, it brings visualizations of classic statues, beautiful temples, and mythological gods. A military who does not have proper funding will slowly fall apart. They were to have a significant impact upon Palestine in the two testament eras Old and New. One prominent example occurred during Roman Empire with the early Christian Church. Around BC however, the Roman Republic began to take control. They based their culture in the land now known as Italy, but expanded to cover North Africa, much of Western Europe and much of Western Asia. One of these great empires were the Ancient Aztecs, who like the others, had the flourishing economy. There are five main schools of thought on why Rome fell.

So why did the Eastern thrive while the Western fell The population of Rome is well over two-million. The Edict of Milan legalised christianity inand it later became the state religion in These events become significant based upon the way in which they change a civilization.

However, it took over years for the decline of this powerful empire. The differences between the Spaniards and the Indian accounts were vast and varied from writer to writer, for a man's deeds could be bad and good.

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