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Other artists saw the Colosseum as a subject itself because of its imposing and regal beauty e. Juan Luna used strong and dark hues of reds and browns to show darkness and despair, which is the theme of the painting, since it depicts a Roman morgue filled with dead bodies. I imagine how this painting put inside of the main gallery of the National Museum. Yancha, Ma. One of the scholars noted the woman in the upper side of the painting. More than the technicality and style employed in this painting which exuded meaning, Luna, albeit allegorically, conveyed enigmatic messages in the painting. I noticed the woman that was crying on the upper right side of the painting. The painting was done on poplar panel, a panel of wood commonly used by artists. The painting could be a reflection of what is happening in the present. They wanted to show what Juan Luna really wanted to show through his paintings. Gladiators are usually people who have committed crimes or were exploited from slavery. The people that are laughing at the side while the gladiators are passing are the social cancer of the nation. I hope this would embark the nationalism pride just like me, when I saw this painting. For instance, in the Philippines most of these are evident. These kind of plays are the ones Filipinos should watch more since there are so many revisions from different historians, so watching a play like this depicts the real story of our different Filipino heroes.

There is depth and more to the painting than meets the eye. I can see blood of every person dragging by the soldiers in one place. Tanada, played the other self of Juan Luna and also the director, was able to create an inventive manner of expressing what could have been a boring and lame history lesson.

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I think it was also amazing on how they played well to thrill the audience in a humorous and witty way. However, it saddened me that Marcelo Del Pilar was not able to die in his own country from suffering tuberculosis.

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That time, I was thought that this painting is only a size of a canvass of a long bond paper either. Related Interests.

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First, the spolarium itself as a place where wastage are dumped could symbolize the Philippine archipelago in the Spanish period. The audience is also an eye capture scene, because they are very happy while they were seen a Gladiators pleading to freed them. These interpretations, I believe, contributed in the strengthening of the revolutionary fervour of the Filipinos being collaboratively cultivated by the Filipino propagandists in Europe during those times, save for the last one.

While those who have heard of this unacceptable crime stay indifferent. He used this impressionist painting as a gun, that it was about the lady-shaped through an inverted shape of Philippines and that the two people were Jose Rizal and General Luna talking and that there was a foreigner listening to their plans.

Other artists saw the Colosseum as a subject itself because of its imposing and regal beauty e. They showed a kind of brotherhood that existed during Spanish colonization.

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The same went to Spanish officials and government workers. You would describe the painting as tragic and hardship. On the left part of the painting are spectators from the arena. The people that are laughing at the side while the gladiators are passing are the social cancer of the nation. In one of the articles written by Ambeth Ocampo, he said that Luna seemed to have visualized a scene that would occur in recent history—the assassination of Ninoy Aquino after returning as Marcial Bonifacio to the country in At bakit ba tumilapon ang spoliarium Diyan sa paligid mo? Dead from fighting with another gladiator, which are other Filipinos, for the self-gain of their oppressors, the Spanish overlords. The Filipino genius manipulated dark shades of red, brown and ochre to convey the brutality of the game and to evoke powerful emotions of anguish and pity. They are only used as objects of amusement and entertainment during ancient roman times.

There are two 9s in the difference.

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