Social media thesis research questions

research questions about social media use

Does the company specialize in qualitative methods, quantitative methods, or a combination of both? Information is collected from Web sites as posted by individuals who may not be specifically aware of the research role.

Fandom and fanfiction in the media Mass Communication Laws in different countries Media and disasters: enhancing panic or preventing it?

qualitative questions about social media

Discuss the viability of implementing parental advisory on social networking sites. How is the sentiment scored e.

What data quality processes are implemented in each stage of the SMR? Are the citations different based on the source, e.

Social media thesis research questions

How have economic, political and social factors affected patterns of homelessness in San Francisco over the past ten years? From a capacity standpoint, SMR provides the ability to collect and analyze information from the past as well as in real-time, as it is generated. Some vendors may provide strictly positive or negative emotions, while others may assign a continuum ranging from positive to neutral, to negative. What are the controversies and legal issues regarding the rights of the people whose data is being used? The second question is more complex , requiring in-depth investigation and the development of an original argument. It is already known that social networks have become a part of life and a lot of young people use their smartphones and tablets to check updates from their friends and family. Additional considerations include the need to learn and become proficient with: SM tools and techniques including sentiment and content analysis Indicators of SMR validity and reliability at each stage of the process Relevant types of biases, particularly those arising from unique SMR tools The types of brands and categories that are more likely to be successful carrying out SMR, e. Does the vendor know how and why to sample and weight data? From the old to the young, social media has completely transformed the way people interact and live their lives. Though evolving rapidly, social media research SMR is the application of marketing and opinion research methods to social media data for the purposes of conducting research e.

SMR may also be outsourced to vendors who may or may not specialize in research. As in any profession, a reasonable consensus should be reached in order to validly define and represent an industry standard of best practice.

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It is already known that social networks have become a part of life and a lot of young people use their smartphones and tablets to check updates from their friends and family. Can they be considered a media now? Are you on track with your postgraduate research? A validation coefficient may be derived from a comparison of the two outputs. At the same time, participation in the social media space offers varying degrees of privacy. What quality and validation protocols have been adopted and implemented to safeguard the quality of the research at each stage of the process? It is the goal of the Marketing Research Association that this document be widely distributed and contribute as such. Moreover, even the flow of information itself, can be a powerful predictor of key business and program outcomes.

Where detailed information must be shared for the purposes of data quality or validation, the data should include source citations using the current link of the information e.

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