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They were involved in my RAP as if it was their own.

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I and my loved ones panicked because I couldn't afford to loose the opportunity. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. X was mostly the receiver.

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I wish everybody success. Besides these, he thought I needed to improve my references, which can make the analysis more convincing and have academic support.

Though the research process is tedious, I managed myself to meet the objective answer the questions that I have set. At the end of it all, I did not only pass the project but also had a B grade.

It was a challenging journey for me because of the high failure rate of students attempting the project. Besides that, I also find certain areas that I need to enhance on. My well-prepared Powerpoint presentation has been commented upon by my mentor. The third meeting with my mentor helps me to finalize my research report by adjusting things like font size and reference list. Writing research report requires me to have good written communication skills. B at 1st attemptOdeyemi Abidemi Success is sweet and it becomes sweeter when it is achieved once. I was awarded with upper second class honours. In both meetings and presentation there was no problem regarding encoding and decoding as all substantial communication was face-to-face. In the three meetings with him, he gave me general guidance over my project progress, pointed out problems that I had made and took enquiries from me. The fact is, I didn't believe I could have an A grade. My initial draft was voluminous. The model highlighted various strengths and opportunities through which AHL could counter the threats and weakness.

Guidance provided was regarding: - Carrying financial analysis and important ratios including the limitations and graphs usage. In both meetings and presentation there was no problem regarding encoding and decoding as all substantial communication was face-to-face.

I jotted down all these points in a journal and this has facilitated me in preparing this statement.

During the meetings and other methods of communication with my mentor, I have realized that conveying my message in a specific manner is crucial. With extensive research and better mentoring I came to know the importance and limitations of data sources and knew how to select reliable sources for my RAP. As the word limit for RAP is restricted I had to make sure I provide complete information while staying within the limits defined, a task I learned the hard way as my fist draft exceeded the word limit by quite a large margin. I have used my body language to emphasize important points. Both were asked during the first meeting to obtain detailed information. My project was monitored and reviewed effectively leading to an A grade. I couldn't have asked for more. In order to avoid misinterpretations, I tried to make sure that every message was well thought and organized before transmission. Give them a trial!
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