Rice and bullets

But it is useless the raging crowd start to fight back. He swayed with the wave of the throng when the man in the bandstand raised his right hand in a dramatic gesture, then left the stand to lead the crowd out of the plaza onto asphalted provincial road.

The author uses symbols such as the big three rocks that represents the 3 main islands of the country, and it shows how the people lift heavy problems in their back such as poverty, and food shortage.

And again Tura felt the slight rumbling in his stomach, felt the vinegarlike gnawing inside his body. He told us we ought not to be hungry. So he went to the plaza to be blessed to be spare some kilos of rice.

And soon they'd no longer be hungry.

the crowd easily overpowered the handful of policemen metaphor

As his hunger strikes to bad, he wanted to get rice fast so he bump other and run first the line, the riot start. The sack signifies the economic and social status quo of the family. He was feeling good and strong. Remulla, a rich guy that came from US told them that they should go to the plaza, so that they could get some kilos of rice.

rice and bullets symbolism
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Rice And Bullets