Promote the wellbeing and resilience of children essay

activities to promote emotional well being early years

This helps that young person develop their self -esteem and confidence, learn social skills, gain an education and remain in good physical health. Through my experience with working with many challenging young people who do find it hard to engage and talk about their feelings etc.

how to challenge practices that act as barriers to childrens well being and resilience

It is important that residential staff use these indicators to try to improve the educational outcomes of the young people they look after. In order for children to receive social support, develop trust, develop attachments and build a positive identity they need to remain connected to key figures in their lives.

One in three did not even have photos or items to remind them of their family. We have access to gyms and swimming facilities through local leisure centres and actively encourage young people to partake.

If young person is struggling emotionally with anger, mental health issues then the young person will be supported by being referred to a health professional CAHMS, psychiatrist, psychologist. These ideas, and the very pragmatic approach that accompanies them, can be helpful in working with yp from even the most difficult environments and offer a hopeful context for practice.

This can also be discussed in staff debriefs and this is a good tool for reflection work for A to gain skills.

Support others to understand the importance of wellbeing and resilience

In the Scottish Executive intends to publish quality indicators for assessing the educational richness of residential units and foster homes. Explain the importance of well-being for children and young people. Young people if they they suffer from anger management issues, emotional issues can speak with their keyworker and discuss incident occurrences and put in strategies to help the young person over come this. Helping a child to establish emotional security can be as simple as practising consistency, connection and compassion. Edinburgh, Scottish Executive, Emond, R. This would be challenged by myself and 2. The children and young people are given the opportunity to dress in a way that reflects their own self image and individualism 3. Promoting and supporting young people in regards to their health, self esteem, attachment issues, emotional security and relationships is very important to help the young person develop to their full potential into adult hood. We discuss what the issues are, the young persons goals and what the keyworker is currently working on to support the young person on their development. Young people are registered with nearest doctors, dentist, opticians to ensure they are getting all the necessary check ups and health needs required. We also have drop in sessions from the sexual health nurse every month and she does drop in sessions for the young people to teach them the importance of safe sex. At the home young people have a keyworker and work very closely with them.

Young people are supported in this by being giving clear routines and realistic goals are set for them through their own choice.

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Different Approaches to Promoting Wellbeing and Resilience Free Essays