Pest analysis on agriculture industry

Inflation may benefit people with flexible money incomes but not those whose money incomes are fixed. Swift, M. Initial work, as typical of the early stages of all Integrated Pest Management IPM programs was to study pest biology and ecology, to develop sampling techniques necessary for pest scoutingand evaluate the potential of beneficials to keep leafminer numbers below the economic damage threshold level.

Technology has helped society to cut across the traditional boundaries for getting converted into an emerging information society.

Sound marketing programs developed by the local industry will determine whether local vegetable and melon growers can take advantage of the ongoing opportunities to provide steady volumes of high quality product to local consumers and for the large tourist and restaurant industry.

In India, agriculture is still affected by such factors, which are beyond control of human being. Recent advances in technology and government initiatives support the development of the sector.

pestle analysis of agriculture industry uk

Agriculture sector employs around 60 per cent of the total workforce in India an contributes about 17 per cent of the India' GDP. Soon after the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment inIndia developed its own environmental control system, laws and policies.

Pest analysis on agriculture industry

The ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation has impressed upon the state governments the need for introducing legislation on ground-water and has circulated a draft model Bill for the purpose. John Cho include: 1. The sector experiences a constant demand, as Indians have a strong preference for fresh rather than processed foods and for local spices and ingredients The World Bank, More than 50 percent of the pre-school children and pregnant women are anemic.

A growing population, rapid economic development, and political and social demands exceed the mandate and capabilities of any corporation in an emerging economy Bhagwati,and India is no exception to this. Major pest problems as identified by the industry are described below.

Pestel analysis

Important marketing bottlenecks currently faced by the industry include: 1 The structure and organization of the industry is not well understood by all industry participants. Valenzuela identified the head cabbage cultivar Scorpio as having a greater tolerance to diamondback moth feeding than other industry standard cultivars. Sweetpotato whitefly Outbreaks of the sweetpotato whitefly, Bemicia tabaci, occurred in Hawaii in and has since become a major pest of a variety of vegetable crops in Hawaii. The massive increase in population despite the slowing down of the rate of growth and substantial income growth, demand an extra about 2. Legal Factors: Although these factors may have some overlap with the political factors, they include more specific laws such as discrimination laws, antitrust laws, employment laws, consumer protection laws, copyright and patent laws, and health and safety laws. Agri-chemical contamination- Benlate Atrazine contaminated batches of the widely used systemic fungicide Benomyl were detected in the continental U. Ghosh, R. Farmers must be provided the necessary support, encouragement and incentives. With all the benefits that technology can provide, there is an important issue of providing sufficient and appropriate education for the labour to increase their skill sin technology application that could be beneficially used for agro sector. Reflective mulches delayed infectivity of ZYMV by 6 days. However, local vegetable production is seriously hampered by a myriad of production management factors such as the high incidence of pests typical in tropical farms.
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Pestle Analysis of Indian Agriculture