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Digital Infrastructure Netflix is integrating forward with partnerships that capture the last mile from servers to consumers. Netflix provides the original hot TV shows to their customers. Netflix may find it difficult to get required information if its Business Information System is not structured accordingly. It cuts the costs and maximize the profits. Cost Advantage of Netflix 4. Harvard Business Review. As mentioned above, the application of Porter Value Chain model depends on understanding the importance of all activities. Even though Netflix mainly applies cost leadership as its generic strategy for competitive advantage, the business also uses differentiation in its operations. For example, the corporation relies on cost efficiencies to ensure profitability despite such unlimited subscription offer.

Their participation makes the market completely in a mass. Competition In the Industry Rivalry among competitors in the industry could be high, which simply means the businesses in this industry are competitive.

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As long as the company can stand in the top position when new development coming up, they will be able keep making profit. This means that the company earns from its original movies and shows, in addition to earnings from streaming operations. However, it requires the company to firstly map the activities and then associate costs to make necessary adjustments. Without analysing the in-bound logistics, Netflix can face various challenges in product development phases. The company is a strong example of how online business modeling provides the capability for large-scale high-efficiency operations, while minimizing costs. For example, Blockbuster might have extremely higher costs of exits since it has extensive investments in real products like DVDs. However, Netflix must avoid making false commitments about product features that cannot be fulfilled by the production department. There are many examples like Toshiba and Sharp that consider Value Chain Analysis as a tool to get a competitive advantage and invest heavily in research and development activities within their value chain network. Consumers access their preferred entertainment content through the same platform. The last but is the most important is that keep adapting to the technological dynamism, which means always upgrade the IT technology. Penetration in new markets 3. Some examples of Netflix's marketing and sales activities are- sales force, advertising, promotional activities, pricing, channel selection, quoting and building relations with channel members. The effective HR management can allow Netflix to reduce competitive pressure based on motivation, commitment and skills of its workforce. This means they only have to build strong relationship with studios and TV stations. Compare with all competitors, Netflix provides the best delivery system and this helps to catch the loyalty consumers.

The more important thing is that, the company also re-wraps the encoders to help switch to the more efficient encodes in future firmware upgrades. The increased productivity can help Netflix to achieve consistent economic growth, increase profitability and set a powerful basis for competitive advantage.

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The effective Value Chain Analysis requires Netflix to realise that all activities or functions do not require same scrutiny level. The second problem should face is the show ownership.

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Since buyer power is high, the industry becomes more competitive. The company can also achieve its cost minimisation objectives by analysing hiring and training costs with their relative return. The functional changes involving this growth strategy could require new components in Netflix Inc. The connection between the value chain and cost leadership strategy reflects a parallel focus on the low cost operational activities. With the premiere of House of Cards, Netflix revealed that they created 10 different trailers each targeted towards different users and we can expect this data driven content production trend to continue [9]. The next problem is about the raising content cost. Threats of Substitutes The threats of substitute products or services are the highest in the video rental industry. Distribution center makes great contribution to reduce time for collecting the return of DVD and ship them out. Competitive Advantages through Value Chain Analysis of Netflix It is important for Netflix to base its competitive advantage on activities in which it has access to the rare or scare resources. Effective and wisely integrated marketing activities can develop the brand equity of Netflix and help it stand out from the competition. If Netflix aims to obtain cost advantage, it needs to identify each element within the value chain can be optimised to get the whole effect A Value Chain Analysis Example for Netflix is that it can use the analysis as a tool to negotiate the best prices and maximise the in-bound and out-bound transportation processes. Netflix has achieved quite a lot benefits from it. The power of negative e-WOM due to poor support service cannot be undermined in the current technologically advanced era. The increased productivity can help Netflix to achieve consistent economic growth, increase profitability and set a powerful basis for competitive advantage. How information gives you competitive advantage.

Moreover, in using this intensive growth strategy, the corporation strengthens its business to successfully penetrate digital content streaming markets despite competitive rivalry.

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(PDF) Netflix, Inc. Strategic Analysis of The Red Menace