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What symbolizes the eagle? In Illuminatus! His lack of orientation is clearly perceptible in the functionality of his sight. It is the aspect of vision, not one of short-sightedness but one of wide and broad vision, that gives people as well as animals a sense of identity, importance, power and wholeness.

Anthony willingly amputates his own right arm — destroying his career as a surgeon and throwing away any future plans as a doctor in the process — in a vain attempt to contact his wife and retrieve the past.

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From that point onward, his eyes slowly but continuously open up and are able to see again; his process of healing begins.

Gradually access to memories in our subconscious mind becomes more difficult as they get buried deeper. Because the ability to clearly focus and thus make sense of the world around oneself is fading.

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I had written about this before in a previous post and had discussed some of the evidence there. The Society of the Blind Eye has this not only in its name but its symbol is that of a crossed-out eye.

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