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For example, Harvard has no Greek life at all. Students were given a list of factors and had to list their top three reasons for going to university. Hence, the most important factors in choosing a college depend on your own interests, values, goals, beliefs, views, strengths, and weaknesses. If your concern is a job upon graduation, make sure you are at a school located near potential employers. Much of the stress surrounding college admission occurs because students and parents possess little first-hand knowledge of what colleges actually seek in students. You could choose one based on where you want to live, where your parents went to school, or even where your friends plan to attend. As an Educational Consultant my objective is to simplify the college search process and maximize educational opportunities. How many college police officers are there compared to the number of enrolled students?

If you want an active student life, you need to live with other students. Students who attend unaccredited schools are not eligible for financial aid.

Meal Plans Do the schools offer affordable meal plans?

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I majored in Industrial Engineering when I was in college, and it was important for me to attend a school with a well-established Engineering department. Luckily, most of my other classes had fewer students. Email There are many ways to choose a college. In order to find the right college for you , consider the information included in the rankings to be more important than the rankings themselves. If you have limited funds to use for college, and you haven't received any scholarships, you should definitely make a financial plan. How well are students protected from crimes? Bloomberg Businessweek. It's helpful to have at least a vague idea of what you'd like to study, so you can choose an institution tha has programs related to it. Graduation Rate Graduating from college is definitely more important than getting accepted. Carried out by educational consultants Hobsons, it questioned 62, students from 65 universities around the world. Some schools have excellent job placement programs, assisting their students in making the transition from student to employee, and helping them find jobs after graduation. If you know you will need help paying for college, look for schools that meet the needs of students requesting financial aid. These are among some of the most important fit factors. In addition, some schools provide a traditional course of study, where students attend classes, write papers, and take tests. Some schools require that students sign agreements related to their spirituality, or follow some sort of honor code, which might require that students abstain from drinking, or regularly attend church, among other things.

Passionate involvement in a few activities, demonstrating leadership, initiative, impact--and an angle Depth, not breadth, of experience is most important. Similar to the US News college rankings, Forbes.

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Students had to rank the above list in order of importance when choosing a university. However, the Forbes list is significantly different than the US News list.

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The position of a university within rankings came third, with As an Educational Consultant my objective is to simplify the college search process and maximize educational opportunities.

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The 10 Most Important Factors in College Admissions