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Mobile ecosystem is a set of players consisting of content owners and distributors, publishers, aggregators, mobile device manufacturers, mobile operators, marketers and advertisers, developers and designers, end users and regulators. Trust 1 What attitudes and socio-demographic factors has been proven to be a key facilitator in electronic characterize mobile phone users and their commerce and now also in mobile commerce [67]. The papers summarize the state of the art in different areas of mobile marketing, and outline areas in need of further research. The overarching theme Mobile services m-services covered in these articles is that Mobile Marketing is still Short Message Service Marketing SMS marketing an emerging technology and that its widespread use is an important field of interest. A third Table 3 - Yearly frequency of Consumer Behavior researcher validated the harder to categorize articles articles by sub-category thus contributing to increasing the validity of the results. Our census counted 4. Leverage power of mobile marketing on traditional marketing, through integration of both, makes this subject once again worthy to be investigated in depth. Mobile Marketing Research 2. Mobile advertising networks and mobile content promoters bring together advertiser brands and advertisement publishers on mobile platforms. Furthermore, the measurability of ROI on mobile marketing is more effective through response rate of the consumers. The questions sought to contribute a broader understanding of the behaviour of students when they receive mobile marketing messages on their mobile devices. This can put marketers at a high risk 19 as they are not sure whether their marketing activities have some positive or negative influences on customers. April, pp. The next section, which is Background Information, discusses the structural frame and the distinctive aspects of Mobile Marketing, the factors influencing consumer attitude towards mobile marketing, as well as measurement fundamentals of mobile marketing campaigns.

Regulators are essential components of mobile marketing ecosystem, as they play a protective and balancing role both for consumers and companies.

An empirical study of consumer acceptance of mobile marketing found that acceptance was high when marketing messages were relevant, highly targeted, personalised and of value-added content These questions are viewed through the lens of several overarching themes that surround mobile promotions, such as the privacy—value tradeoff, return on investment, spatiotemporal targeting, inter-media substitution, and channel and consumer power.

This leads in additional procurements of goods and services which result in economic growth. Research in this perspective should disclose how consumers prefer to offer permission and profile information.

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Beyond all above indicated opportunities and advantages, brands become associated with a new media, which may refresh their brand personality. Table 3 presents the yearly mobile marketing articles fit in the classification model. That 97 million people, who accounts for 90 percent of Japanese mobile subscribers use mobile internet, may be associated to high penetration of mobile internet[13] flat rate. This demonstrates that our classification model, we then proceeded to find very little research has been done on this emerging and relevant peer-reviewed articles on the subject of mobile trending topic. Retrieved from [24] Karjaluoto, H. Do high-involvement products have the more journals are publishing mobile marketing research same effect as low-involvement products? Through the use 2 Int. The "max" indicated the highest scale and "min" represented the lowest scale selected regarding that particular variable. Aggregators enable connection with the mobile operators. Thus, this study made a unique contribution to the literature on the mobile marketing technology acceptance domain from the perspective of consumers in a developing African country. Consumer acceptance of mobile marketing: An empirical study on the Saudi female. Our study Processes, Vol. However, all mean scores were above average 2.

It is interesting to note that from the literature pertaining to the pattern of mobile usage among South African university students, most students did not indicate anything in relation to mobile marketing although being aware of its existence.

Consumer acceptance of mobile marketing: An empirical study on the Saudi female. If so, what would be that concept?

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Thus, it is still not clear to what degree South African consumers are willing to adopt and have their involvement in mobile marketing efforts The least proportion was between age group which had only 9. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Vol. The four articles cover major issues in mobile marketing: mobile advertising, mobile promotions, gamification and mobile shopper marketing. Mobile device designs have impacts to determine the limits of mobile marketing applications. Most important consideration in applying a mobile marketing program is to get permission from the customers and the prospects. Networks and Applications, Vol. Some respondents 7. The questions sought to contribute a broader understanding of the behaviour of students when they receive mobile marketing messages on their mobile devices. Cost of sending collective SMS messages or newsletters depends on the volume of purchase and the level of targeting as the mobile operator provides the relevant customers filtered in accordance with the campaign details. To be able to keep up with the attraction of the prospects and the customers, marketing should shift from the point where people are desensitized to further stages which is most popularly mobile marketing. Previous studies have provided a rather limited understanding of drivers of mobile marketing acceptance among consumers particularly, in developing countries such as South Africa. However; independently from the demographic aspects, consumers should certainly be notified about privacy policies.

The previously agreed to participate to the marketing concept of ubiquity has arrived and mobile devices can program receive text messages and mobile coupons be considered as the most ubiquitous personal item in the offering a rebate at a nearby branch.

This hence reduces the willingness of consumers giving out private as well as financial information on the mobile platform and buying products they cannot inspect physically before a purchase.

The higher involvement enables the higher attraction by the prospect.

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Publishers are the owners and managers of content delivery platforms. The results in Table 1 showed that most of the respondents

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