Literature review on food security in kenya

In periods of food insecurity, the purchased foods are replaced with cheaper, less nourishing foods. The workshop brought together a selected group of researchers and experts from agricultural, rural development, animal, veterinarian and urban planning research institutes in developing countries.

This makes things difficult.

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Often this is the caregiver herself, but it may be others, depending on household composition. Without quantitative demographic data to determine the relationships between child nutrition and family structure, one cannot draw definitive conclusions about how structural differences affect child nutrition in these communities.

Furthermore, livestock husbandry on grassland systems contributes to the conservation of rangeland ecosystems and the promotion of the use of land-preserving forages Janzen Specifically, members of the research team were asked to re-screen the results that had been extracted by other peers in the team.

Most of these statements are related to protecting children's health and growth.

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The following quote illustrates the effects of water shortage on women's time allocation: We went all over looking for water, but we were not lucky to get any…. Together with associated demographic changes, urbanization is expected to add significant challenges to tackling hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition in these countries Brears Furthermore, the literature is largely qualitative in nature, with very few comprehensive models to capture and integrate empirical evidence.

In our study, we build on these applications to analyze peer-reviewed articles on urbanization in relation to livestock production, economic development and food security in developing countries.

Parental buffering has been described for virtually every society where investigators have examined household behaviours in the face of food scarcity. When women have supportive partners, they invariably articulate the importance of this support.

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