Impact of micro finance on women essay

They date back centuries and are believed to have come to Ghana via Nigeria Asiama Additionally, concerns have been raised about selection effects. Another problem is not only restricted access to market as is the case in India and Bangladesh Hunt and Kasynathan, and Sudan Mayoux,p.

Impact of micro finance on women essay

Nevertheless, the provision of financial services alone, as will be seen below should not be considered sufficient for poverty reduction. It is also questionable how good an indicator enrolment rates are, since they do not say anything about the educational attainment, retention and transition rates from primary to secondary schooling Hunt and Kasynathan, Another important factor is that such activities do not challenge the gender stereotype notions of appropriate work for women and men ibid. The WID perspective focused on women gaining equal access to education and employment, but failed to critique the role of the colonial and post-colonial structures in the disempowerment of women in transitioning nations. And third is information sharing. It could be argued that to a certain extent the MFIs themselves do not contribute as much to the change in the power structures as they could. Economy and Society. Development in Practice. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

Nevertheless, the provision of financial services alone, as will be seen below should not be considered sufficient for poverty reduction. That is why the contribution of cash to the household is supposed to give women greater power in decision making ibid. Even the power of example is important.

role of microfinance in uplifting womens status

Experimental Evidence on Gender and Microenterprise Returns. African and Asian Studies. The obligation, according to Coleman is like a credit slip. Many women are overburdened with rearing children, cooking, cleaning, and managing the household.

Does financial sustainability of MFIs, achieved through high repayment rates, mean poverty reduction? Academic research on microcredit is burgeoning in the fields of economics, development and demography.

Womens empowerment through sustainable microfinance

There has indeed been a lot of criticism as to who manages the money. She obtained a microloan along with information about nutrition and malaria from Freedom Hunger. Additional important factor is also the failure of MFIs to carry out a sound assessment of the market ibid. First of all Rankin warns that for the solidarity group concept it is not enough that the participants are women. Given these contradictions, this study estimates the effects of participation and possible selection effects by participation length e. Fourth World Conference on Women: Beijing. Indeed, the proportion of women participating in these programmes is high. Due to limitation to work in rural areas, the activities undertaken might be seasonal and more volatile such as for example silk-reeling industry in India.
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Women and Microfinance: A Route to Poverty Reduction?