How to write a drum roll sound

But this is fine unless you are way off and will make it sound less robotic.

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If you have two rack toms I would advise taking one off for this technique so you can position the microphone more easily. The ride is used for more rhythmic parts in a similar way to the hi-hat.

How to write a growl sound

There are some plug-ins available which even look like a drum kit so you can play the drums on your laptop. They can be very short or quite long, it really depends on what you are trying to achieve at that point in your song. I've looked in the If by " create" you mean notate, it's in "Tremolo" but it won't play. To capture the details required from just one microphone you will need a condenser microphone. A common snare drum roll is the closed roll. They can actually provide some melodic elements that the other drum parts can not. You are much better off adding your own reverb effects which you can tweak and customise.

This is often easier in a rock track where the bass may be playing long single notes. Pay attention to what each individual drum is doing.

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A moment of more complexity which might build towards a chorus for example. For the English record, see Close Roll.

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How do you notate drum rolls?

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How to Write and Record Drum Parts for Non