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Make sure you match them.

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You will notice this with almost every single hostel as this boils down to the type of users from both platforms. Cancellation must be done via Hostelworld to avail of your free cancellation. I just know that I am uninstalling their app after writing this review.

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Search and book more than 36, properties in over countries, from anywhere. Not safe I always prefer web browser to apps but this time I decided to give it a try despite my predisposition. It was Non refundable. No need to worry anymore about finding a place to stay. Once done, the property will be automatically notified. However, the moment I had a problem it all went South. Sure, it is convenient to see hostels that are available on your travel dates, but it also lowers your chance of discovering great places because they are not shown on the list.

While this is not a major concern really, it is important to keep in mind that there are good hostels and properties that may not be included in the platform. And truth be told, no website has captured all hostels.

Genuine Content We only accept reviews from customers who have actually booked and stayed at a property booked through our website.

Hostelworld has a lifesaver in it too: if you have not booked anything prior and you just arrived, the "current location" quick search will give you the fastest result with one click.

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The reviews and comments are from a more backpackers perspective. Read: complete guide to best hostels in Vietnam — with map 2. This is a wonderful feature that allows the guest to protect their deposit although if you are sure to go on the dates you booked, you can always choose the standard non-flexible option.

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