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This chapter examines Hispanic religious practices and beliefs across different religious traditions, with comparisons to non-Hispanics. Childhood substance use and conduct disorders have been found to mediate the relationship between trauma and school dropout.

Latinos who are evangelicals are twice as likely as those who are Catholics to identify with the Republican Party. Since the estimated number of Latinos who identify as Catholics has decreased roughly 6 or 8 percentage points to somewhere between 60 to 70 percent and the percentage of Latino Protestants remained roughly the same at about 20 to 23 percent.

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Two-thirds of Latino worshipers attend churches with Latino clergy, services in Spanish and heavily Latino congregations. Although the specific social, historical, and political contexts differ in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, conflicts in those countries led to a significant emigration of their citizens. Many political exiles were skeptical if not antagonistic toward the Catholic Church and its leaders, who in their native lands consisted largely of Spaniards and others who supported Spanish colonial rule. Across all three major Christian traditions, for instance, Latinos who attend church at least weekly are much more likely to pray on a daily basis than are those who attend church less often. Youth from the growing Central American exodus aka, unaccompanied refugee minors have high rates of traumatic exposure, PTSD and anxiety. The study also shows that many of those who are joining evangelical churches are Catholic converts. Edward D. Indeed, renewalist practices seem to have been incorporated into Hispanic Catholicism without displacing Catholic identity. Foreign-born Hispanics are more likely than U. In fact, parishes, military chapels, and some missions have been the homes of active Catholic faith communities from colonial times until the present day. But in other ways, Latinos appear to be different, both in the intensity of their beliefs and in how they practice those beliefs. Overall, the increased activism of the Chicano movement and other Latino initiatives for civil rights, along with the reforms of Vatican II in the Roman Catholic Church, the growth of Latino Protestant communities, and the inspiration of Latin American liberation theology, influenced many U. When it comes to Jews, attitudes are starkly different by religious tradition. They encountered a majority-culture Catholicism steeped in European — especially Irish — roots and often faced ethnic prejudice from their coreligionists.

Views of Mormons and Muslims, on the other hand, are split or tend to the negative. These differences rival, and may even exceed, those found in the general population.

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In other instances, U. Although most Spanish-speaking residents were of Mexican descent, representatives from the consulates of Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Spain were among the leaders in this effort, making it one of if not the first pan-Hispanic Catholic initiative in the U.

Some religious practices are more common among Catholics than among other religious groups, reflecting both the distinctive natures of Protestant and Catholic spirituality and theological differences between the two traditions.

A majority of those in the congregation are Hispanic; some Latinos serve as clergy; and liturgies are available in Spanish. Though the daughter of a strict Massachusetts Congregationalist family, Jackson found spiritual inspiration in her hagiographic perception of Serra and his fellow Franciscans, even deeming their labors superior to those of the Puritans, whom she claimed "drove the Indians farther and farther into the wilderness every year, fighting and killing them," while the Spanish friars "were gathering the Indians by thousands into communities and feeding and teaching them.

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Similar patterns are found among non- Hispanics. Their most noticeable function was to commemorate Christ's passion and death, although they also provided community leadership and fostered social integration. Religiously unaffiliated Latinos tend to be younger and more male compared with the other three major religious groups, and they also tend to have higher levels of educational attainment. Beginning in , Elodia Guerra conducted evangelistic revivals and services throughout Texas during four years as the designated conference evangelist for the Rio Grande Annual Conference of the Methodist Church. While most predominant among the foreign born and Spanish speakers, Hispanic-oriented worship is also prevalent among native-born and English-speaking Latinos. Griffin film starring Mary Pickford as Ramona, an annual Ramona theatrical pageant that continues to this day, initiatives to restore Spanish missions, and, most conspicuously, the development of Mission and Spanish Revival architectural styles that mark the landscape of towns and cities across the Southwest and beyond. By significant majorities, Latinos who identify with a religion believe that miracles are performed today just as they were in ancient times. It focuses special attention on Catholics, both those who retain their identification with the church and those who convert to evangelical churches. Some religious practices are more common among Catholics than among other religious groups, reflecting both the distinctive natures of Protestant and Catholic spirituality and theological differences between the two traditions. A number of them embraced various alternatives to Catholicism such as freemasonry, Protestantism, and socialism. Latino culture is known for its collectivist- family orientation, the importance of personalismo personal connectedness in interactions and respect for authority. Ataques de nervios is associated with high rates of comorbidity with several anxiety disorders including PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder.
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Endurance and Transformation: Horizons of Latino Faith