Having a baby at a young age

Having a baby at a young age

Being a mom shifts your priorities in unimaginable ways. I wonder where I would have gone to school, what my social life would have been like, and what my life would be like now.

Life experience.

Best age to have a baby

Pro: You have a lot in common with your kid My son and I spent all summer blasting Despacito. Contact your local community centre for support groups for young parents. See whether your local council or medical centre can put you in touch with a counselling service. Con: You miss out I had a studio apartment in college. Scheduled sex sessions? We started dating at Whilst I used to be jealous seeing my friends in a bikini enjoying their latest holiday, I now fully embrace my marks my battle scars … a reminder that my body carried a baby for nine months. You look way too young to be a mom. Con: Your stress will show sometimes Having a kid is one of the hardest things most of us will ever do. Being a mom shifts your priorities in unimaginable ways. He has uncles and grandparents who, when we get together, are undividedly focused on him.

We enjoy the same movies. Is the dad helping?

having a baby at 18

I do my pram walks. It was in a decrepit building in a poor neighborhood of a poor city.

having a baby at 19

Suburban towns are a little one-dimensional.

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18 Things No One Tells You About Having A Baby In Your Early 20s