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Ghostwriting helps many businesses get ahead of the competition and engage their audience. And for you, they may be deal-breakers. She's a former attorney who turned to writing and never went back.


Writing blog content is always a beaten path for our writers through serving well to the innumerable clients on various topics for several years. When I first heard of ghostwriting, I thought it was just used for celebrity memoirs.


A mommy blogger may not be able to write about personal finance and vice versa, so be sure to specify the genre up front. Typically, the person who commissions the work will own the copyright, which also means they can modify or republish the work in any way they see fit. Very occasionally I don't write. Here are the keys: 1. You get all the credit — the confidentiality is what puts the ghost in ghostwriting. Keeping your own blog will draw targeted traffic to your website and add a touch of brand marketing as well. Set them for your writer for better results, like so: When working with a blog ghostwriter, always set deadlines. Our team is the best choice for your blog writing because: Our writer acquired good knowledge and command on all the SEO techniques. Perhaps this pay situation stems from the fact that writing looks deceptively unlike work. It might be that you want to solely focus on your own platform heck, you might even hire ghostwriters of your own, some day down the line! They can save you time and money — a blog ghostwriter can hit the ground running. Proof: The median pay for online writing, content writing, and ghostwriting is still absurdly low. With students who have published thousands of books, we have tried all the possible services out there and I can confidently tell you that the team at The Urban Writers is by far the leading one in the industry. While it can be learned and developed, hiring a blog ghostwriter means that you do not have to.

Build Your Content Creation Skills If you want to be a ghostwriter, you have to learn how to create quality content. The end result will be a much better product, and will lead to higher ROI. When you can accurately describe the theme, direction, and style of your blog, you must then create a job posting, going into SEO requirements, your proposed schedule, writing skills, and how the arrangement will work in practice.

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Give them insight into business goals — great content attracts visitors and converts leads. We regularly write many blog posts for our clients all over the world.

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Download Our Free Blog Content Brief Template With this content brief you'll be able to help the writer convert your topic idea into a highly effective piece of content.

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What is Blog Ghostwriting and is it Right for Your Business?