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These websites will help you turn your concept into a full-fledged novel-worthy plot. Build Your Fan Base Launching your first book is daunting, and getting your first set of readers is crucial.

This is where my largest reader following and audience is.

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These website are great outlets for all writers. Com welcomes writers of all interests and skill levels. Tapas App Tapas is a publishing platform home to serialized stories.

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It takes time to build an audience but the serialized fiction option and instant reader feedback is unbeatable. It focuses on collaboration to create stories The initial writer can come up with a story idea and write the first few hundred words Readers that enjoy the story can then pick up the story and write what happens next This is not a place if you are control freak or even Type A personality, but if you want to see where the collaborative brainstorming can take your story concept, this might be the place. You can watch the short video below that talks a little more about 2. She is currently at work on her next novel. Quotev This site allows users to create surveys and stories. Though the idea and concept is refreshing, as of right now the site is not for me. Vet Your Idea If you have an idea for a novel, you can test the concept by publishing a few chapters online with live readers.

Before we take a deeper look at each of the websites above, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss the benefits of publishing your work online since it was a question I asked myself when I first learned about these platforms.

Twilight, 13 Reasons Why, The Notebook Stories that rank in the top 1—30 in a genre do well and are very visible to readers New stories compete with old stories.

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If you engage strangers requesting direct feedback, you will learn a ton. This can give you a huge edge compared to launching completely unknown. Please note that our mention of any books, movies, plays, etc.

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11 Top Writing Communities You Should Join and Why