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This play brings with it a strong influence of the mid century Christianity. The play argues that both good and evil deeds of a person will count, when God makes the final decision on death of a person. Five Wits Senses p. Goods i. The play is a picture of what Christians should do or how they should spend their lives to save their souls from being convicted by death Yaw Adu-Gyamfi P. However, he also realizes that all the earthly things that he had once held on to now mean nothing and will end up abandoning him He is unable to find proof and therefore comes to the conclusion that God must not exist. This gives an insight on how the book impacts a reader and why society considers these novels to be classic Antigone, girl of Oedipus, disobeys the orders of Creon, male monarch of Thebes, who forbids the entombment of her brother Polyneices, a treasonist to the metropolis. Death has formed a essential part of the play in that the absence of death would mean that there is no play at all. Also, the play and The Sandbox greatly illustrate how a person near death is feeling and his emotions, while also describing the sympathy of others around him and their experiences Natural law is physics. On the otherhand, moral law

It is a morality play known by many people because every character involved in the play is imperative for the plot as well as the morality interpretation. His most famous poem is the Inferno. Pope regards the common man as disrespecting because of their blasphemous lack of appreciation of their lord In fifteenth century, the plays theme was usually concerning the conflict between good and evil in an individual began to be performed in France to improve their society by explaining morals to people.

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A morality play is essentially an allegory in dramatic form. Everyman only cares about worldly pleasures as stated in Everyman when Death says "His mind is on fle No one yet knows who wrote this play.

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Knowledge k. Because he has no regard for death or for the effect of his decision upon the rest of the world, his chosen fate sends a resounding reaction through all who witness his end Oedipus, when Jocasta re-tells the details of how Laios was murdered, begins his approach to denial

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He is unable to find proof and therefore comes to the conclusion that God must not exist. Basically it"s a story, or a forecast or presentation, but anyway, it depicts the state, of our great conglomeration. These productions are usually academic in nature or focused on religious ideology. It is a burdened, aggressive, penetrating word that replicates an actuality that every human will have to come to accept. Death is an adversary in the play that signifies physical death. Charles Darling, The morality play presented religious and ethical concerns from the point of view of the Christian person, whose main concern was to improve his relationship with god, improve himself by performing good deeds and gaining salvation for his soul. Death d. The characterizations used in the works were typically based on the personifications of good and evil engaged in a struggle over the morality of the soul When Everyman realizes that he has not been living a life focused on God. Everyman soon realizes that when he is seeking for a companion to go on a journey that he wants to go but there is no one available It shows the audience and readers what goes on in life and ending of it all through death. Even those characters that are of logical thinking for the most part are prone to disaster when they let go of this rational thinking and give in to their irrational side.
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