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Certainly not.

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Co-education will also reduce indiscipline among students. Co education advantages essay of co education in schools essay essay halojuvenile justice persuasive essayadvantages of co education the house of knowledge write argumentative essay co educationco education schools essays share your essaysessay on co education a level psychology marked by teachers com advantages of co education home mahapre india iraq war analysis essay quality managementco education essay essay on co education system in pakistan. And the teachers should be well trained in the psychology of boy and girl students. Develops mutual respect: Co-education allows both the genders to mingle with each other and to know how to co-exist with respect. Girls cannot play games or take part in debates so freely in a co-educational institution. They need personal counseling and guidance. Girls become smart, intelligent and practical and can choose their own husbands. Boys and girls educated and trained together make better citizens, parents, and couples. All of our institutions are overcrowded. Promotes a controlled environment Advantages of Co-Education System: A good education system is said to be progressive only if it respects both the genders and giving the same education under a single roof. It is a healthy sign. Pakistan is a developing country.

Both can try to learn more and do better in discussions and at examinations. It is a healthy sign. In my class, there are 35 students.

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Or they can help the parents to take the right decision. It is becoming increasingly popular day by day. Economically cool also co-education is best suited to our country. Therefore, why not give them an opportunity mix up and know each other at the school stage itself.

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And especially in education, it is good to have a healthy competition among the peers which lets you learn how to cope with your failures early in life no matter who the winner is. Develops self-esteem among the genders: Self-esteem is very essential and has to be built in a good way and the best place to start with it is the learning institutions where you can face all types of personality early in your life. There should be a lot of creative activity. Boys and girls studying together may become too much free with each other. They cannot often work actively with boys in college elections or at social functions. Essay on advantages and disadvantages co education on the advantages and disadvantages of co education guidessay is among the first when it comes to. They emphasize the fact that they have to respect and listen to the opposite sex as they listen and respect one from their own. Pakistan is a developing country. Many institutions give extra attention to students who feel that they are less worthy than the others and offer counselling sessions that help in building up their personality and making them stronger to face the world. Students in co-educational college should be given more personal attention and care.
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Co Education is Good or Bad (Short Essay)