Essay 2 gender roles hunger games

It's times like these that his stereotypical masculine qualities stand out.

the hunger games gender roles

It not only revolutionized the idea of women centered stories, but showed that gender roles are irrelevant. But to the contrary, Effie takes it in stride.

Wednesday, October 24, A Feminist Approach The Hunger Games has feminism hidden in the deepest corners of this novel and there are a wide range of ideas that can relate the book to feminist aspects. These include culture, stereotypes, equality, power and class. People need to be aware that these social worries and anxieties are true and real, and they need to be stopped because if not there will always a stereotype that men and women are supposed to behave a certain way. The Hunger Games centers on the main character Katniss and her involvement in the hunger games. Each of these characters plays an important role to the plot of the show. In the United States some people claim that women are often raped because their beauty rituals provoke men. Therefore Katniss is far from supporting any female stereotypes. Katniss does not seem to meet the standard view of a woman because she displays stereotypical gender roles of both men and women. They draw attention to the problem the United States Faces with gender stereotypes. Steven Zeitchik emphasizes that Katniss displays unsmiling, efficient and male-like appearances. The cultural worries and anxieties such as gender roles, sexism, and double standards portrayed through characters in the Hunger Games simultaneously suggest a contemporary view of feminist values in the United States during the years to which communicate awareness of gender roles, sexism, and double standards. We want spoiled, materialistic social media addicts we can complain about, right? According to bell hooks, feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression hooks 1. We make the assumption that to be a feminist you need to be a woman, hate men, kill off all of your feelings, become angry, and disassociate yourself with your faith. Again Judith Butler insists that gender is an imitation of an ideal, expectations clearly state hat males are not suppose to be emotional but Peeta broke down and started crying in front of everybody which made him seem like a punk.

Throughout the book their are many forms of powers from wealth, gender, the Capitol, and Peeta Mellark. Peeta, the boy with the bread. Each of these characters plays an important role to the plot of the show.

Essay 2 gender roles hunger games

The Peacekeepers remain genderless, so it is most likely that their occupation is for both genders as well. Women are typically known for being emotional all the time, but Katniss is able to break that gender stereotype. What are your favorite moments when gender expectations and norms are flipped upside down in The Hunger Games? So Peeta definitely proved that in the end he supports gender roles. It not only revolutionized the idea of women centered stories, but showed that gender roles are irrelevant. The colors typically used on either side are very stereotypical in themselves A wedding dress? It is even not mentioned whether these women are in a romantic relationship or live completely on their own, while the latter case would be an additional sign for social gender equality in the Capitol. This moment upset Katniss because she believed that Peeta made her look weak. This shows some form of a patriarchy society, but being a man he does not give special privileges to other men in lower positions.

Males on the other hand likes cars, playing video games, sports and like dark colors like blue. I feel like Collins creates this world where the general population has equal pay and job status according to district.

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