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Does Not Know His Own Strength : After rewriting himself before the story begins, he began breaking stuff on accident if he doesn't watch his own strength. Gaia uses it as a storage facility for their familiars, since the other way for keeping familiars in the regular world is to keep them in fridges because familiars are made from perishables, and the magic apparently leaks there from Kazamatsuri.

Power Incontinence : When she was little, her control over her ability was not as refined and she accidentally wiped herself from the memory of her parents.

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Gamer Chick : Almost never seen in the club room without her laptop and playing games. Happily Married : Her ending in Harvest Festa. She likes Kotarou, but think he might be her slave. Badass Adorable : Shizuru is probably the strongest character in the main cast at the start of the story. The Starscream : After he finds out the true nature of salvation, he betrays Akane in order to save her and the last vestiges of humanity in Kazamatsuri. He heads to the top of the temple, but finds all of the choir members dead with Sakura overlooking the ruined city. To help him in his efforts, Kotarou gets Kotori to join the occult research society. In theory, even the bacteria are dead. You can't imagine the amount of willpower it would take me to resist the urge of jumping at my keyboard and typing away some Texts about Rewrite.

Healing Factor : Not most of the time, but in an area filled with the poison she makes she possesses a healing factor even stronger than Shizuru's. Besides that, the small plant was the only life on the Moon.

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In general and on a lighter note, the story occasionally admits that the other girls are interested in Kotarou as well, but they're always supportive of whichever girl's route it is rather than getting in the way. Sakuya might not even be truly dead, either.

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Meanwhile, both Guardian and Gaia are preparing for a confrontation during the Harvest Festa. It's actually something that's sometimes criticized about Terra route, because some of Terra Kotarou's acts are 'programmed' rather than derived from his own free will.

Mundane Utility : Kotarou decides that the blades he can manifest from his wrist are not suited for cooking. Don't You Dare Pity Me!

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Shortly afterwards, the same thing happens to Sakuya, which seems to be a lot more appreciated.

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