Drugs should not be legalized essay

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Much of this violence takes place in the home, as the relatives of crack takers will testify. The Government estimates there areregular heroin users in the nation.

Social problems are not usually like that. Actually, it's quite logical these drugs would be easily available if legalized, and the number of users will increase because there won't be any breaking of laws that will end imprisonment. It does suggest, however, that we shall need a police force for a long time to come.

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Should marijuana be legalized? Even Mill came to see the limitations of his own principle as a guide for policy and to deny that all pleasures were of equal significance for human existence. Thus things fall apart, and the center cannot hold.

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If opiate addicts commit crimes even when they receive their drugs free of charge, it is because they are unable to meet their other needs any other way; but there are, unfortunately, drugs whose consumption directly leads to violence because of their psychopharmacological properties and not merely because of the criminality associated with their distribution.

Innocent people are injured or killed simply in order to continue the distribution and the use of these isgusting and correctly illegal drugs Even then, alcohol was unsuccessfully banned during the s.

Facts about why drugs should not be legalized

According to a National Research Council report in , nearly 70 percent of the heterosexual adults infected with the AIDS virus got the virus through an intravenous connection. The situation could be very much worse than I have suggested hitherto, however, if we legalized the consumption of drugs other than opiates. Some say that marijuana is not as bad as alcohol. Why do addicts given their drug free of charge continue to commit crimes? Let us then abolish medical schools, hospitals, and departments of public health. Most politicians and policy makers still regard the abandonment of anti-drug laws as dangerous apostasy. Even if this argument were true which by the way, it isn't , that's doesn't mean drugs should be criminalized. I remember one man who very rarely got as far as his bed at night: he fell asleep in the lavatory, where he was usually found the next morning. But does any sensible person believe that the abolition of prisons in their entirety would not reduce the numbers of the law-abiding? Although, drug abuse is a serious and threatening problem today, it can be brought under control with acceptable means. The idea behind crime—of getting rich, or at least richer, quickly and without much effort—is unlikely to disappear once drugs are freely available to all who want them. Sometimes this deadly "sickness" stops at distorting bodies and brains, but often goes to snatch the lives of their users Thomas
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Drugs Should Most Definitely Not be Legalized Essay