Discuss the challenges of managing a

Each award was given by the previous award recipient to someone who exemplified the spirit of the particular award. Groupthink is when many people within the same organization begin to adopt similar perspectives, usually to simplify meetings and minimize discord.

Most of the commercial banks in India have offered VRS Voluntary Retirement Scheme to their employees and employees in large number have accepted this offer. If the conflict continues, eliminate the individuals from the team.

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The management challenge here is determining who should have access to what data; how much access to the data each department should have; and how this data should be managed, stored and made searchable so anyone who needs to access it can do so as rapidly and effectively as possible.

Differentiation Most products and services are not homogeneous, however, allowing incumbents in an industry to compete with one another by means of various competitive strategies.

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10 Challenges In Managing A Team