Descriptive writing hot summers day

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The black t-shirt of mine absorb and emitted more heat than I had first anticipated, which had led me to breaking sweat out of sheer contact with the searing heat. Farmers stop working in the fields. It is difficult to know A Hot Summer Day. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionari , June 6, I'm white like mother right down to my blue eyes and red-tinged hair. As by then the line to our house from the electric pole was rectified. Summer is not hot and uncomfortable for those who have all the luxuries available. Its depth is deceptive, mostly because it is as clear as a mountain spring. I could not be mad but he was surely almost mad with heat. Looking at my rugged arm, it turned into tan brown colour; contrasting completely with the utter white underarm that had devoid of any contact with the sun. I don't know his age, what he drives or whether he likes the kind of music that makes my ears bleed. They're my favourites too, miniature sunflowers. I entered a restaurant.

It is very difficult to make both ends meet gracefully and leisurely. No matter how much you drank the thirst gnawed at you until sun down, when the welcome scarlets and tangerine lit up the horizon and ushered in the sweet relief of the night air.

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Its just a bright, gaudy sun stationed at the sea of blue. He prescribed a few medicines and a bandage soaked in ice-cold water.

Descriptive writing hot summers day

Only a person how has had an experience of this can know the difference and appreciate the comfort which we find only by staying within our four walls. Plants seemed to indulge and bask mirthfully in this torrid atmosphere as they photosynthesize eagerly. Even the shade of the trees was respiteless. But when I was lying in my bed, my ideas ran to scrutinize the cycle of seasons-whether it was winter or summer. I am sprawled on last seasons leaf litter, now soft and most of the way to becoming loam. General Mid-June and July in Magnolia were the months of subtropical heat waves, shockingly humid afternoons and soulful melodies of cicadas. I can't afford them every week either, sometimes only monthly, but I refuse to buy the silk or plastic ones. There is a fragrance here, a distinctive aroma of leaf and soil. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionari , July 23, The earth itself was as hot as oven. The mercury is at its peak during the summer. I dread heat and cold equally. I got medicines, I took rest in my bed.

By angelaApril 24, Scorching heat is piercing to the eyes. By Angela Abraham, daisydescriptionariFebruary 1, It is the poor who are the worst sufferers. It swirled in their brains inducing them into sleepy stupidity and no matter how much came in, none of it seemed to escape.

His body is naked.

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It was extremely hot. They sit in AC room. General In the blinding light of the August afternoon the river is like a semi-molten mirror. I thought I would finish whatever I had to do before it got unbearably hot. On reaching home, I fell ill due to heat-stroke. The earth itself was as hot as oven. General Heat poured into their veins as if pumped in through a hypodermic needle.

Looking at my rugged arm, it turned into tan brown colour; contrasting completely with the utter white underarm that had devoid of any contact with the sun. People rolled in bed to have a wink of their eyes.

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Essay on A Hot Summer Day