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Biography may have little to tell us about why a novelist writes well, but it can sometimes be helpful in understanding why a novelist writes badly. Margaret knows Mr.

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The less explicit Forster is about sex, the more sentimental he becomes, with results that are sometimes quite ludicrous. Inner Life vs.

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He never trusts Margaret or Helen, and sees Helen's situation as one that can be rectified with violent revenge. It seems - does it not Both of these writers wrote much more explicitly about homosexuality than Forster did, although Mann concealed his homoerotic desires under his image as a bourgeois paterfamilias, and Proust turned his male lovers into women when he put them into his novel. She helped the poor, she made clothes for her children, and she comforted her forlorn husband as best as she could. Throughout the novel, it becomes clear that in England, women are expected to submit to men. Margaret, who has always been open to accepting different approaches to life, acts as the unifier between her sister and Mr. So it is not insignificant, in reading such a purple passage, to learn that at the time he wrote it—in his mid-twenties—Forster actually did not know how men and women had sexual intercourse. Indeed, precisely because Forster does begin to address sex openly, as Austen never does, he can seem the more dated of the two. Was Love a column of fire? After it—if there is an after—the task of civilization will be carried on by people whose training has been different from my own. The characters that end up happy in the end, however, have learned that proportion is a necessary element in life. Leonard longs desperately to be cultured, and is most happy when having intellectual, culturally centered conversations with the Schlegel women.

No wonder they have worked out rather queer. The Idea of Death Perhaps the clearest illustration of Forster's "Only connect" theme is in a speech that Helen Schlegel, Margaret's sister, gives to Leonard towards the end of the book.

Indeed, precisely because Forster does begin to address sex openly, as Austen never does, he can seem the more dated of the two.

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I will concentrate on the relationship of the female Schlegels and the Wilcoxes around which the whole story evolves. Howards End by E. Undoubtedly, in the novel, women are expected to behave in a certain way. Leonard Bast and Henry Wilcox Connecting, in Forster's terminology, seems to have something to do with acting outwardly in accordance with one's innermost thoughts and beliefs. Although very different, both these men suffer from a disconnect between their daily lives and their inner worlds. In full unison was Love born, flame of the flame, flushing the dark river beneath him and the virgin snows above. This connection between the two seems indestructible and strong; however, that thought is demolished once Helen receives taunting news. Forster is known for writing about themes that were, in the early s, socially progressive, including class struggle.

Only connect, and the beast and the monk, robbed of the isolation that is life to either, will die. Dalloway written by Virginia Woolf is recognized as one of her masterpiece that wins her reputation as one of the most influential English writers in the twentieth century.

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