Comedy and farce

It must account for all the major details of the story. Is the comic mask laughing or smiling? In a farce, the characters are all basically believable, but they somehow get into an absurd, highly improbably situation. Psychologically farce may boost the reader's spirit and purge hostility and aggression.

examples of farce in the importance of being earnest

List of Terms. For instance, we have a funny situation in which Vladimir and Estragon put on and take off their hats. The main aim of a farce is creating laughter and entertaining the audience.

history of farce

Aim: Farce aims to make the audience laugh. It was in 15th-century France that the term farce was first used to describe the elements of clowning, acrobatics, caricatureand indecency found together within a single form of entertainment.

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Farce: Definition and Examples