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Hinduism is often referred to as Sanatana Dharma a Sanskrit phrase meaning "the eternal law" by its adherents. The Muslim, Teli and other non-Hindus fall in this category.

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Census Information Collection: There is a lack of information on census material on social classifications, but these social distinctions are well-known, according to Shreya Shrestha, based on where a person is from, their ethnicity, and their last name. One can only hope that that this will have a positive impact on the ending of the caste system.. For some belonging to caste is much like a workers union. Amsterdam: Harwood Academic Publishers, Even though it was an institution with six classes and six teachers, it wasn't unusual for Arjun and me to be the only ones teaching. None of whom can even form a constitution. Those born in certain caste group are bound by occupational restrictions. The Nepali caste system is incredibly convoluted; even native Nepalis make mistakes. Unconcerned for herself, Sunar instead attempted to uncover the location of a similarly absent package marked out for her fellow Dalit neighbor, a mother of eight whose family had been displaced.

Gellner, David N. Inter-caste marriages, a higher-caste man marries a lower-caste woman or vice versa is unacceptable from the parents of higher class or the neighbours, the society.

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Nepal is culturally diverse — the caste system makes it even more so However the basics of it are as follows. Some of my friends still shock me when I want to invite a laborer over to our dinner table rather than see him sit alone.

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David N. Gatekeepers are usually of a lower caste. Impure food is thrown away and not consumed. In this process the left outs were oppressed class Dalits , women, the poorest of the poor, powerless and the second class citizen and indigenous nationalities Adivasi Janajatis. Yet no sooner had she asked volunteers about the package than three higher-caste neighbors physically assaulted her, fracturing her left shoulder Likewise, people belonging to a lower caste are declared impure for higher caste people for a lifetime. Poverty and discrimination forces them to continue their traditional occupations. But since the Dalit communities are unaware of this program, they hardly benefit from it. Caste system refers to the stratification of human on the basis of religious and cultural beliefs. The caste system in Nepal was earlier incorporated in the National law in order to incorporate people of different origin and bring them under an umbrella. With little education other than tilling the land for centuries Mr. There are four principle castes: the highest is Brahmin, then Chhetri, the Royal Families caste, then Baise, and finally Sudra, the lowest caste colloquially known as the "untouchables". A big change recently happened during the last election held in , a breakthrough so to speak.

The Nepali caste system is incredibly convoluted; even native Nepalis make mistakes.

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As long as Nepal is crippled by caste, it shall remain an economic untouchable