Book report maniac magee

This section contains 1, words approx. He has experienced so much heartache in such a short time and is content to stay aloof.

maniac magee chapter 46 summary

As the book goes on, Jeffery lives with more and more families, each family showing the problems and life lessons the author has to offer. Mars Bar asks Maniac, "Wha'd you think?

Book report maniac magee

She has a suitcase that he discovers is full of books. Segregation has caused both the town and its people to split down Hector Street, blacks on the east, whites on the west. The parents' guide to what's in this book. Grayson was both a teacher and a father to Maniac when he met his sad and untimely death. He catches a pass meant for Hands Down, a receiver on the football team. Jeffrey begins his search for a new home. Maniac is called "Fishbelly" and "honky donkey. Amanda demands Maniac return home to live with the Beales. The "pillbox" is a fortress to protect themselves against blacks. The first day he is in Two Mills, he makes four appearances. Grayson takes him to the baseball equipment room in the band shell. After running all the way to the soccer field, he performs one of his amazing feats — he punts the football back to the football team, a punt that travels farther than any of the football players has ever thrown it, all the while holding onto his borrowed book. Although Maniac is overjoyed by the news, he is cautious about letting others into his life.

Maniac lived homeless in a zoo until he was found by his next friend and family, Earl Grayson. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization.

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Maniac understood both sides of segregation, the east with the Mars Bars and the Beals, the west with the McNabs and Grayson. The McNab children steal, swear, cut school, smoke, and drink. A mom slaps Maniac when he trash talks, but then both of them a sorry for the incident, and he hugs her. Violence Several racial standoffs are chilling. As they get to know each other, Maniac finds out that Grayson played baseball in the minor leagues and doesn't know how to read. Piper and Russell dare Maniac to go to the East End they don't know he used to live there. Life is great for a while, but eventually the East Enders start getting him down.

The town is racially divided with white people living in the West End of town and black people living in the East End of town. The next time Jeffrey is noticed is at a Little League game.

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The Dots loved him and he loved them, but unfortunately, they did not love each other. He refuses to allow anyone else to orphan him. Grayson, a former minor league baseball player, looks after Maniac and helps him find an empty baseball closet to live in. While living with them, Maniac runs away during a school musical never to return. Violence Several racial standoffs are chilling. In the middle of the celebration, Amanda realizes the falling confetti is made from one of her precious books. The idea of the fortress and the prejudicial attitude that prevails within the McNab household causes Maniac to feel dirty. Rescued by Amanda Beale, Maniac goes to the Beale house.

To deal with his grief, Maniac runs wherever his legs will take him. Jeffrey begins his search for a new home. Depressed and freezing, Maniac goes to a Valley Forge historical site to wither away.

They dislike each other but, being strict Catholics, refuse to divorce. Mistaking her for a runaway, Maniac approaches Amanda and discovers she is carrying her prized collection of used books.

They happily spend the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays together, and five days after Christmas, Grayson dies in his sleep.

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