Ancient philippine civilization

The Tokiko, for example, referred to the Rusun and Namban jars as Ru-sun tsukuru or Lu-sung ch'i in Chinesewhich mean simply "made in Luzon. The most lasting legacy of the Spanish rule was the Catholic religion which makes the Philippines the only Christian nation in Asia. These places were home to the merchants, carpenters, blacksmiths, carriage makers, masons, and other artisans.

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They were then called Las Felipinas. In many nations, it has attracted conflicts in such issues as social, moral, political, religious and civil rights.

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The Visayans The Spanish battling the Visayans The Visayans primarily live in the Visayas, and some part of Mindanao but others have migrated elsewhere in the Philippines, including Luzon; conversely, permanent migrants to the Visayas are also referred to as Visayans.

It was the Kapampangans of Macabebe who were the first to defend the Luzon Empire from Spanish domination in All of the rebels were granted anmisty and the leaders of the revolution returned in voluntary exile to Honk Kong. For instance, a Visayan of pure indigenous ancestry; and a Visayan mestizo multiracial individual of Spanish, Chinese, or other foreign descent, and among others, may identify their ethnic background based on their native language, or others.

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By the 13th century, Islam were established in the Sulu Archipelago, and spread to Mindanao, the Visayas, and Luzon by Among these guns was the lantakaor swivel gun, which allowed the gunner to quickly track a moving target.

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Ancient Philippine Civilization