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Contractarianism arguably corrects gross injustices and inequities traceable to gendered oppressions and the most serious evils that are socially constructed Anderson ; Hartley and Watson Here, too, however, feminist ethicists disagree.

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Yet beginning in the s, both her Ethics of Ambiguity [] and The Second Sex [] were widely read and quickly appreciated as important to feminist ethics Card , 1. Some of these feminists criticize male supremacy without thereby preferring female supremacy Frye ; Card ; Hoagland A Few Feminist Philosophers These examples of feminist philosophers will show the diversity of ideas represented by the phrase. Further, the development of masculinity typically involves valuing autonomy, rights, disconnection from others, and independence, while seeing other persons and intimate relationships as dangers or obstacles to pursuing those values. Some philosophers and writers in almost every century, however, constitute forerunners to feminist ethics. They are of special concern whenever feminist ethicists seem to uphold a gender binary and simplistic conceptualizations of woman as a category. Others believe that at a minimum, care and virtue ethics should inform each other and are compatible with each other Benner ; Sander-Staudt

Related Entries 1. These include some theories consistent with the universal humanism of Wollstonecraft and Condorcet and others emphasizing the differences between the sexes in order to argue for the superiority of feminine morality.

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The appeal for these clarifications, however, may reflect traditions that intersectionality is dedicated to disrupting, since it is made in the context of the pursuit of justification, habits of opposition, and a narrow sense of definitional work that is typical in philosophy, a field that has a reputation for lacking appreciation for diverse practitioners Dotson Beauvoir first self-identified as a feminist in Schwarzer32and consistently refused the label of a philosopher despite having taught courses in philosophy Card9.

She argues that the caring approach is open to all people, not just women.

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She pointed out that Kohlberg only studied boys, and that when girls are studied, relationships and care are of more importance to them than principles. One criticism of gender binarism is that its assumption marginalizes nonconforming individuals.

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