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The book was a "fun read" for him because it is "quick and exciting" and "packed" with action and magic.

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They should slow down a little and provide more context… or die. I imagine it will be up to the chosen one to rescue her — but why should readers care? Murtagh and Saphira stage a rescue, and Eragon escapes with the unconscious elf. In Eragon's dream in the 1st book, a man and a woman leave on a boat with the elves and along with two dragons. The last rider had the same fair face and angled features as the other. Someone decided to publish this, and lots of people paid money for it. We have a McGuffin! Holy crap! Through the trees he saw three of his charges fall in a pile, mortally wounded. Eragon's fortune is told by the witch Angela , and her companion, the werecat Solembum , gives Eragon some mysterious advice.

I imagine it will be up to the chosen one to rescue her — but why should readers care? Between these two rode a raven-haired elven lady, who surveyed her surroundings with poise. IGN 's Matt Casamassina called the book "entertaining", and added that "Paolini demonstrates that he understands how to hold the reader's eyes and this is what ultimately separates Eragon from countless other me-too fantasy novels.

It was finished a year later, and Paolini began writing the "real" version of the book. Why hello, Arwen. I had a lot of fun with that.

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They wait in the woods again. This is especially true since she had a bunch of Urgals running after her. Holy crap! The flames looked like a molten crown resting on the forest. This is a tense moment; they are riding into an ambush. The first time I read the second part of this clip, I thought the heads held high and rippling coats belonged to the riders. In addition, readers gain nothing by keeping this thing a surprise. Eragon names the dragon Saphira , after a name the old village storyteller Brom mentions. To protect the anonymity of contributors, we've removed their names and personal information from the essays. It struck her steed, and the horse toppled with a high-pitched squeal, plowing into the ground chest-first.

There are a certain simplicity and pathosespecially in relation to the elves, who are beautiful, their sighs are sorrowful and scorn is royal. The good guys have arrived! Who is he seeking and why?

Give those observations some voice and breathing room; let them add personality to your work. Just include one paragraph describing how the moon rises on the horizon or the protagonists grow hungry and tired.

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Since Roran is not the man on the shore, I think it more likely that somehow he is related to the original King Palencar. He also runs into Angela and Solembum, who have arrived in Tronjheim, and visits Murtagh in his prison.

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Eragon Study Guide: Analysis