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When Mr. It began as a work of non-fiction, but quickly shifted into a semi-autobiographical novel. Junior and his family, along with the others on the reservation, feel the daily effects of poverty and financial shortcomings—there is often not enough food to eat in their home or enough money to fill the gas tank in the car, forcing him to hitchhike to school or not go at all.

His could-have-been mother is smart in her suit, a community college teacher.

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He enjoys playing basketball and drawing cartoons in his free time. I realized that my team, the Reardan Indians, was Goliath. Some books are like living organisms. Through his good grades and stellar play on the basketball court, the other students do not label Arnold as "that Indian kid" by the end of the school year. This would make for an interesting conversation with students about the nature of their friendships, what they are willing to put up with, why they stay and what might ultimately pull them apart. However, I ended up reading not just to page 60, but all the way to the end, twice, in a single evening. When he sees his mother's name in a geometry textbook in class, he just cannot bear that his generation are still studying from the same books as the last. Arnold finds hope in life by making lists of his favorite things: the things that bring him the most joy—or, using the vocab of The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian—give him an "emotional boner.

Filled with teenage angst and dealing with mature themes such as death to loved ones and alcoholism, this book has been banned in many communities. Click on each one to visit their web site.

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All of the guys on our team had iPods and cell phones and PSPs and three pairs of blue jeans and ten shirts and mothers and fathers who went to church and had good jobs. Rowdy Rowdy is Junior's best friend.

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